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How do I find a program that activates only when the system goes into hibernation?

How do I find a program that is running a system that activates itself only when the system goes into hibernation? The program is part of distributed DOS attack (I think) since it sends out billions of packets in a short period of time.
Such a program, one that is able to take over your computer, may or may not be difficult to identify. If you run a current antivirus product, follow its instructions for cleaning the system to remove the program it identifies. It may also be there is no sure way to fix or clean the machine. Once a machine is Trojaned, how can you be sure that other back-doors are not available for the original attacker to use? You may need to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system, but your first step should be to take the system off your network (so it can't infect others, or do harm with whatever its doing) and scan it with these products.

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