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How do I troubleshoot Windows 10 Office problems?

If Microsoft's Office applications give you trouble on Windows 10, check for updates, then dig into some other troubleshooting methods to fix the problems.

Microsoft Office typically runs on Windows 10 without any problems. If you have difficulties however, there are a few different things you can try.

First, install all available updates for Windows and Office; one of the available updates could correct your Windows 10 Office problems.

If the updates do not correct the issue, your Office installation is likely damaged. The technique you must use to fix a damaged Office installation varies depending on the version of Office you use. Typically you will need to open the Control Panel and click on Programs, followed by Programs and Features. Upon doing so, you will see a list of all of the applications that are installed on the Windows 10 desktop.

Locate and click on Microsoft Office. The actual application name will vary depending on the edition of Microsoft Office that you use. On my computer for example, it is listed as Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus -- EN-US. Now click the Change link. Windows will ask you if you want to perform a Quick Repair or an Online Repair. An Online Repair takes a lot longer than a Quick Repair, but it delivers better overall results and a higher success rate.

Another of the Windows 10 Office problems that some users run into is when they can't open Office documents. The Office applications are functional, but Office reports that any document the user attempts to open is corrupt. This Office problem is sometimes caused by the Protected View. You can disable Protected View for an Office application by clicking on File, Options and then Trust Center. Next, click on the Trust Center Settings button. When the Trust Center opens, select the Protected View tab and make sure Protected View is disabled.

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