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How do Web Notes in the Edge browser work?

Workers can use Web Notes in Microsoft's Edge browser to mark up websites, but saving the notes is a little wonky.

Of all of the new features introduced in Microsoft's Edge browser in Windows 10, Web Notes is one of the most useful.

Web Notes lets users mark up webpages. The Edge browser contains tools for drawing, typing, highlighting, erasing and more. One use for Web Notes in business environments is research. Or suppose that a knowledge worker giving a presentation wanted to highlight a fact or a statistic from a webpage; he could use Web Notes to highlight the figure, or draw a circle around it. Workers can also use Web Notes with Web apps.

The one quirky thing about Web Notes is how users must save notes for later viewing. When they click the Save button, they are given the option of adding their Web Notes to Microsoft OneNote, or to the browser's Favorites list or the reading list. There is no option to export the Web Notes to anything other than OneNote. But workers can use the Share button to email the note. This converts the note to a JPG image, which is sent as an email attachment.

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