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How do we guard against data thieves equipped with driverless USB storage devices?

Hello. How do we guard Windows 2000 machines against data thieves equipped with driverless USB storage devices? Some of these drives act like an IDE drive, so we fear disabling USB on the OS won't help. Also USB support cannot be disabled in the BIOS of our Compaq boxes.
There are two approaches to this issue. If you totally wish to prevent any use of USB, contact Compaq for instructions on how to physically remove, break or disable the port.

Alternatively, your defense must be the use of appropriate physical security and sound security practices for the computer. Not only are you at risk from data thieves who might use the USB port, but those who would use floppy disks. You're also vulnerable to those who might, once they have physical access to the machine, reboot to another operating system, use the password your user has ever-so-conveniently written down on a Post-it note, and transfer data from this machine via the Internet to some other location.

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