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How to combat a stubborn startup virus

I have a virus in my startup. When I look in msconfig startup, it looks like it's all written in Chinese. When it's unticked and I reboot, it recopies itself. As a result, I now have four Chinese entries in startup. Also, the ADSL connection runs slow. I ran TrendMicro online, AVG (licensed), Spybot-S&D, CCleaner, Ad-Aware and CWShreader. It came back okay, but now TrendMicro online won't work. It also won't go into Safe Mode; it tries to load but reboots back to Windows XP Pro (normal). I don't know what to do. My next step is to get a floppy disk and run AVG from a boot disk created by AVG wizard. Do you have any ideas?
Your next step is definitely to try and clean your system from a bootable disk. Also, you may end up needing some of the recovery tools from Winternals, so don't rule that out.

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