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How to grant Microsoft Windows network permissions

Jonathan Hassell explains how to grant Microsoft Windows network permissions and how to give users admin rights in Windows Server 2003.

I want to grant a user elevated Microsoft Windows network permissions. We are using Windows Server 2003 as a domain server, and we have three other database servers. When I give domain user rights to a particular user, he cannot connect to an application on the database server. If I give him domain admin rights, he can access applications from the database server. How can I give him admin rights to a certain application through both the domain server and the database server?
Make sure the Domain Users group has read or read/write permissions -- or whatever other permissions are necessary for your database application to run -- on the folder where the application resides. To check this, right-click on the folder in question, navigate to the Security tab and check out the entries in the white box at the top of the dialog. It sounds as if you're missing an entry on the access control list (ACL) for that group.

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