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How to set up a network with Windows security in mind

Learn how to set up a network in this tip. Kevin Beaver reviews some often overlooked Microsoft Windows security steps that will make your network as secure as possible.

I'm trying to figure out how to set up a network in my small company. What are some Microsoft Windows security questions I should know that will allow me to set up a secure network?
Here are five commonly overlooked security issues I see all the time after someone has set up a Microsoft Windows network:
  1. Didn't enable Windows automatic updates
  2. Didn't harden the system based on Microsoft's recommendations and others such as those at the Center for Internet Security website
  3. Didn't set up a password policy
  4. Did set up a ridiculously stringent password policy that's unreasonably difficult for users to work with
  5. Didn't set up NTFS file permissions properly, which allows anyone to access anything and create shares at will

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