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I forgot my sign-in password on my Win2k machine

I forgot the sign in password and hitting the Esc key does not do anything, Is there a way that I can override that and see my program? The operating system is Windows 2000.
One of the worst marketing mistakes Microsoft ever did was mess around with the naming conventions of the operating systems. For years, everyone knew that Windows NT was the secure, reliable, corporate version of Windows, and that Windows 9x was the consumer version. Then Microsoft changed the name of Windows NT 5.0 to Windows 2000 and named Windows 98SE's successor Windows ME. While the techs in the corporate community were able to accept this change, most consumers don't realize that Windows 2000 is radically different from Windows 95/98/ME. Windows 2000 is a secure operating system, which means you cannot simply bypass the login password like you did in Windows 95/98/Me. If you don't know the password, you're locked out.

If you know the local administrator password, you can reset a user's password. Also if your workstation is part of a domain, a network administrator can rest your password.

If you're a home user, and you forgot your password and the local Administrator password, your only options are to reinstall Windows 2000 (and lose all your data) or use a password reset utility such as ERD Commander from Winternals, which costs $149.00.

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