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In a hurry to get 'Hurri' off my Win2k machine

Hi. My Windows 2000 is infected by a boot sector virus known as "Hurri." How do I go about removing it? I have tried most common antivirus software packages such as Norton, McAfee, AVG, esafe, f-secure and so on, but in vain. Please advise.
The Hurri virus is a memory resident boot sector virus that was named after Hurricane Isidore, although it is known by several other names depending on the antivirus vendor. The only way to get it is to boot from an infected floppy disk, and once you're infected the virus will try to infect every floppy disk you use on that PC.

My point is: Before you start cleaning this virus off your machine, you need to get rid of every floppy disk you have. Go to an office supply store, get a brand new pack of floppy disks, and use these only AFTER your machine is completely clean. If you've shared your disks with other workstations, friends, family members or co-workers, you should assume for now that their systems are infected as well.

Run an antivirus scan using a scanner that will detect the virus, such as Computer Associates eTrust's EZ Anti-Virus.

After scanning and removing it from the system registry, you may need to repair the Master Boot Record that was infected. Boot into the Recovery Console, and type fixmbr at the command prompt. If you need to access the Recovery Console using boot disks, make sure you create new startup disks from a known clean system, or you will be infected again.

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