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Inconsistent Values for the Registry and File System

Why are the "out-of-the-box" registry and file permissions for W2K Pro and Server different than any of the templates Microsoft provides? If you use Security and Configuration Analysis to compare settings right after W2K Pro installation to basicws.inf, setup security.inf, or defltwk.inf, there are a bunch of "Inconsistent Values" for the Registry and File System. The tool makes it almost impossible to specifically identify these inconsistencies.

Things to consider are if you are doing a "clean" install or if you are upgrading to Windows 2000 from a Windows NT machine. According to Microsoft, the default security settings for clean-installed workstations, servers, and domain controllers can be found in the following files respectively:

In upgraded machines, the default Windows 2000 permissions for file system, registry and service objects are also applied to upgraded machines using the following files:
*dcup.inf (NT4 DC Upgrade Only)

So this means that when upgrading, an additional INF file is used and perhaps this is where you are seeing a discrepancy.

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