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Is NetBEUI able to prevent virus transmission over a LAN?

Is NetBEUI able to prevent virus transmission over a LAN? Are viruses written for transmission with all protocols? Thank you.
Most viruses are still communicated via e-mail, copying a file from a disk or share or connection to a Web site. They may install their own SMTP server and begin to mail themselves elsewhere, take advantage of a weakness in some protocol or application -- you name it, if there's a way to communicate, someone's written code to take advantage of it to spread malware. Since TCP/IP is the Internet protocol, using only NetBEUI might prevent infection, but there is nothing inherent about NetBEUI that will prevent virus transmission. If computers on your LAN share folders, an infected file can be copied across your LAN using NetBEUI as easily as with TCP/IP. So your LAN, which is not connected to the Internet (because it only runs NetBEUI), may escape infection via that route. How do you share data? How is new software loaded? Do users bring or share software/files with their home computers?

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