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Is there an alternative bypass for AutoAdminLogon than using Shift at startup?

Is there a way to bypass the AutoAdminLogon process other than using the shift key at startup? I have a USB keyboard and pressing the Shift key does not work. If I connect a PS/2 keyboard it works fine. Help!
Some USB keyboards require USB legacy support in order to perform certain functions in Windows. You might see if your computer's BIOS can be configured to provide this support, and if so, if this fixes the problem. TO determine this you should consult your computers documentation. As always, be careful when modifying bios settings! Follow the documentation for YOUR computer, and make sure you understand the consequences of your actions. (Perhapas a better solution is to disable autologon?) It's not a very good solution as it makes your computer accessible with your privileges and access to anyone who can physically access your computer. It also exposes your password in the registry in the clear to any authenticated user who can access the registry remotely, or to those who do so by sitting down at your computer. If you're like many folks, this password is also the password to other sensitive data, such as your email or other computers. Not a good idea to make it available.

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