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Kevin Beaver's Windows security crystal ball

What are your 2005 predictions for the Windows security market? Does anything jump out in your mind as hot topics for 2005?

  • Spyware is going to become an even greater threat.

  • Personal firewall software may finally gain the respect it deserves -- especially now that it's being shoved down users' throats in the form of Windows Firewall.

  • More personal firewall software vendors (other than ISS and a handful of others) will realize that proactive blocking of protocol anomalies and other potential attacks (not just signature matching) is the best form of protection.

  • The "patching poorly written software" problem we're facing will just be more of the same.

  • Increasingly complex "feature-rich" bloatware will continue to give the bad guys more things to exploit and help them stay ahead of the detection and prevention curve.

And now, drum roll please ... my one positive prediction:

  • Windows will become even more stable than it has grown to be in the past year.

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