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Loading balance requests to multiple resources

I am a network supervisor for a large electronics company. I am currently searching for a new network coordinator program. The program we have now is far too slow, and it often needs attention from one of our IT techs to sort out its various problems. My question to you is, what program would you recommend for someone in my situation? It needs to be fast enough to cope with around 60,000 requests per minute, and it needs to only need reviewing around once a month.
I'm not one hundred percent sure what you mean by "network coordinator program," however it sounds like you need a network load balancing solution to load balance requests to multiple server-based resources. If I am correct on this point, you probably need to look at a hardware-based content switch/load balancing solution. There are a number of solutions available from vendors such as Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Radware, NetScaler and Redline Networks, and F5 Networks. I tend to recommend one of two solutions depending on the environment.

If you are a Cisco shop, I recommend looking at the Cisco CSS11500 series Content Services Switches. These devices are capable of load balancing 200,000 concurrent requests with an aggregate switch throughput ranging from 6Gbps to 40Gbps. I have found some Veritest data that puts the requests per second in the 10,000-15,000 range which would more than meet your 60,000 requests per minute requirement. If you are a non-Cisco shop, any of the vendors have solutions that can meet your needs, though I tend to favor F5 Networks BIG-IP solutions. In particular, if you are a Dell shop, Dell OEMs F5 BIG-IP software on their server chassis which might afford you a decent price break. I hope this helps!

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