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MSDOS 16-bit applications unable to run

At every startup and under Windows XP I keep on getting a message about MSDOS 16-bit applications unable to run with c:windowssystem32autoexec.nt being the problem. I have expanded from a Windows XP CD a new autoexec.nt config.nt and command .com but the message still appears.

I checked everywhere, but I cannot find any solutions. I think at last I will have to format my C drive! Any ideas? We have about 1800 PC at the European Commission's department where I work and a few have that problem. Can it be a Trojan?

It sounds more like some information is not correct in the autoexec.nt file. Could the machines with the problem be, by chance, upgrades? Possibly migration of these application settings did not happen correctly. Take a look at Microsoft Knowledge Base article 314495.

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