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Make sure your login scripts are running

I just installed Windows XP to a PC, and when I go to My Computer I can't see the other shared directories -- (P for programs, S for Shared files, etc.) -- but I can see the H Home directory which is exclusive to the operator. I'm a novice at this so hopefully it will be a very simple solution. Thank you!
This sounds like your login scripts are not running. The home directory is provided by the user account properties. However, any other drive mappings that need to occur should be handled via the appropriate login script. I would check on the "Profile" tab of the user properties to ensure that a login script is there and then verify the existence of the login script in the Netlogon share of the domain controllers. If it doesn't exist, you will need to create it. I recommend using Windows Scripting Host/VBS files for login scripts due to the incredible robustness of them. Check out here for a ton of great scripting resources.

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