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Malware detection and cleansing tools

Because Windows firewall does not provide malware protection, you need to use extra prevention, detection, and cleansing tools to keep your system free of malicious programs. Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell provides some helpful resources to do just that.

I read that Windows Firewall protects against my system being hacked, but that it does not protect against spyware and adware. What should I do to protect myself from these threats? If I do get infected, how can I restore my computer?
That's correct. Windows Firewall blocks most attempts from outside users to gain access to your system through the network. To aid protection against malware, get AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Microsoft Antispyware, or another solution. If you are infected, most of these tools have a cleansing facility that will remove the malware from your system. You may, however, in the case of a significant infestation, need to reformat your hard drive and re-install Windows.

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