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Managing a password policy

Sometimes, your password security policy doesn't enforce the rules exactly the way you want them to. In times like this, look to the password management advice Kevin Beaver offers here.

I am using a Windows Server 2003 system. I have set up a test network, which is a copy of the live network. I have changed the default password policy to:

Enforce password history is three passwords, maximum age (these are temporary settings) will be 62 days, minimum age, two days
Minimum length, eight characters
Password complex enabled

The password policy is not working as I have added some passwords and have had a seven-character password. How can I solidify and enforce these password settings?

Have you restarted the server? If you can't, try running gpupdate at a command prompt to refresh the policy. There could be a policy conflict on the server that's overriding the policy you set. Set the policy for the domain (or group) and if that doesn't do it, try setting a local policy, which will apply to the server itself. And then see what happens.

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