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Managing user rights in Group Policy

Jonathan Hassell offers a suggestion about how to manage a user's administrator rights within Group Policy.

I have a project and don't know how to approach it. We have a special user that needs administrator rights but I don't want him to have access to download programs or software when he is logged on to the domain. I can give him local admin rights but when he logs on to the domain I want to override his permission so he is not able to download any programs. Is there a way to do this?
To my knowledge you can't do this with the functionality included within Group Policy. You also don't mention the version of Windows you're using on the client. If it's Windows XP, you could consider establishing a software restriction policy that eliminates Internet Explorer use, but he could still bring an FTP program in on, say, a USB key and install from that medium. You may need to investigate third-party software for this particular need.

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