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Microsoft Firewall settings for remote users

If you feel like your remote users would be best protected by Microsoft Firewall but your network is not set up for this, Windows networking security expert has the answer to your troubles.

By default, all AD users in our domain have Windows Firewall disabled. However, for those that have laptops, it would be nice to be able to enable it when they are not logged into the domain (i.e., traveling, home, etc.). Is there any way to test for the domain or use of a cached login to conditionally activate the firewall?
You could potentially use Group Policy and shutdown scripts to enable the Windows firewall when a computer is shutdown, but I think that you may find this to be an imperfect solution. What I would recommend is to configure a firewall policy that is appropriate for all systems on your network. A good method of doing this might be to create an OU for desktops and an OU for laptops with an appropriate firewall policy for each. This will ensure that your systems are protected regardless of whether they are connected to your network or not.

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