Password security in Windows XP Professional

Learn password security best management practices in Windows XP Professional. See how and why Windows asks for passwords and other ways you can practice file encryption in Windows.

I have a network with 70 computers. All the computers run Windows XP Professional. When I give the command from "Run" = \x.x.x.xc$ (the default share) to a remote computer in my Windows network, it asks me for the password. However, I am the only person who installed or configured any of the computers on this network and I never put in a password. Why has my network suddenly become password encrypted?
I don't think your network has become "password encrypted." You didn't say whether you were running an AD domain -- but I suspect you're not. This is actually normal password security behavior in Windows XP Pro. Any time you try to authenticate to a system drive in this way (as opposed to a share), you're going to be prompted. You could always tell Windows to save your password so you only have to do it once. A better solution may be to create shares on each drive to which only you have share/file permissions.

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