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Patching Windows-based HP severs

Site expert Jason Chan provides options for automating patching and scanning and comparing servers to the most current HP releases in this response.

We have an environment of over 220 Windows-based HP servers (BL and DL) and we deploy driver and firmware updates using Insight Manager or manual team updates. We're looking for a tool similar to Shavlik software, which we use to deploy our MS security patches. We'd like to schedule the updates and have the ability to scan and compare our servers to the most current HP-releases. Do you have any suggestions? Insight Manager is not robust enough (yet).
In larger enterprises, driver and firmware updates are typically managed via a more complete systems management solution. These solutions are most often agent based and can be used for software installation, end system configuration, and security policy enforcement and verification. These systems are quite complex and non-trivial to implement, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this in your situation, since you already have a working patch management system (for OS and common application patching).

It sounds like Insight Manager and manual team updates are doing the trick, but you'd like to introduce additional automation and consistency to the process. If you have some systems administration programming and scripting on your staff, I would consider an in-house solution to these updates (not necessarily complex -- could possibly be some scheduled tasks and batch files or WMI scripts).

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