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Performing server maintenance without e-mail notification

MS Office has the ability to provide seamless access to documents even when it can't reach the server, says site expert Jonathan Hassell. However, users should be aware of the maintenance schedule to avoid problems.

If you disable Messenger you lose the functionality of sending a message from the server console to all users logged in that "the server is going down in 15 minutes for maintenance, please finish what you're working on and log off." By not receiving the message you may lose hours of work or get corruption. How can you get around this?
Sending e-mails works. But I've found that most users don't even notice when a server is going down for maintenance -- Microsoft Office has a great ability to provide seamless access to documents even when it can't reach the server. And for scheduled maintenance, users should be made aware of the schedule so that if they are indeed working on something that requires server access, they'll already know about the downing of the machine and won't need a Messenger reminder. I don't think this is as much of an issue currently as it was in the past.

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