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Pop-ups in IE are hijacking my homepage

Annoying pop-up ads plague Internet users every day. Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver offers some resources and advice on how to remove the spyware that causes these pop-ups.

I keep getting advertisements from Internet Explorer telling me I have a virus and I need to buy a security package. This also keeps hijacking my homepage and is slowing down my computer. I have Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security 2005. I have run both on full scan and they both tell me my comp is fine.
It sounds like your system is infected with spyware that's not easily removable. Check out my Malware Removal Handbook for various steps you can take to get your system up and running. Of the steps, I recommend running the free PestPatrol for starters. I've found it to be very beneficial in finding and removing spyware. You could also try the free Windows Defender beta as well. The more tools you use to scan the better off you'll be in this situation.

Additional information on spyware removal:

  • Windows System Configuration Utility: An unexpected antispyware tool
    The System Configuration Utility, a tool designed to manage programs during Windows system startup, can also be used in the battle against spyware. Contributor Brien M. Posey suggests using the SCU and Sysinternals' Autoruns as spyware discovery tools that help detect spyware that automatically boots up with your system.

  • Which is the best antispyware?
    How do you choose the best antispyware product? Don't compare the products, compare the reviews of the products. This consolidation of antispyware reviews and rankings points to a top product.

  • Windows Security Clinic: Rooting out a rootkit
    As if you didn't have enough to worry about with all the viruses, worms and spyware dilemmas plaguing your Windows environment -- now you have to think about rootkits. In this Windows Security Clinic, our "doctors" diagnose and troubleshoot a user problem that wreaks of a rootkit.

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