Prevent users from deleting files in shared folders

Jonathan Hassell explains one of the functions of using Advanced Permissions.

I am using Windows XP. I have placed some table files (.dbf) of Vfp9 on the network. I want to allow my users to change (edit) files, but I don't want them to delete any of the files in the shared folder.
You need to use the Advanced Permissions screen to do this. Right click on the folder containing your table files and select Properties, and then navigate to the Security tab and click Advanced. Then, add the necessary users and specify Allow for the following special permissions in the white box:

  • Traverse Folder/Execute Data
  • List Folder/Read Data
  • Read Attributes
  • Read Extended Attributes
  • Create Files/Write Data
  • Create Folders/Append Data
  • Write Attributes
  • Write Extended Attributes
  • Read Permissions
  • Change Permissions

You can experiment and take some of these permissions away as your requirements dictate.

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