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Problems accessing database files

I am not able to copy some files on the network. It gives me an error such as, "Cannot copy/access denied." I am using Window XP Professional. File sharing has been set up, and the problem is only occurring with certain files, such as an Access MDB file that I created. Can you help me out with this problem?
Without more information I cannot provide a solution. However, I suspect that the file permissions on the database are preventing the copy. The permissions set on accessing the information in the database and using programs written to access and modify the data in the database are different than those that control access to the file itself. Hence the permissions on the database file might not provide you the access necessary to copy the file, although you can modify any aspect of the database and its data. Check the file permissions on the server, as well as on the share you are using to obtain access to that area of the file server.

Also, you didn't say which version of Access you are using. Here is a discussion on permission settings on one version. For those files you are having a problem with other than the database files, are they accessed using the same share? Are the share and file permissions set appropriately?

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