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Problems connecting to the Internet via a DHCP server

I'm from Spain. I have a LMDS connection by DHCP server, and sometimes the system provides an IP 169.xxx.xxx.xxx. I can't connect to the Internet. Is it necessary to uninstall Service Pack 2 to get the Internet connection to work?
The 169.xxx.xxx.xxx is considered a "link local" address which is reserved for situations such as when a DHCP server cannot be found. My first question is: Was your Internet connection working before applying SP2? If so, then something within it could certainly be the culprit. You could try to remove it or remove it and re-install it to see what happens. But first, try disabling the Windows Firewall and rebooting (you should also be able to run ipconfig/renew from a command prompt). Also, disable any other software that could be filtering network traffic you may have loaded (personal firewall, newer anti-virus software, etc). Finally, confirm with your LMDS provider that you're in fact getting a proper connection to the network, as it could be physical layer network issues that are causing this.

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