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Problems scanning XP remotely with PestPatrol

I use PestPatrol Corporate Edition, and I have not been able to remotely scan my Windows XP computers since we installed XP SP2. I have set up Windows Firewall Group Policies but cannot figure out what ports I need to open up for PestPatrol. I have tried their tech support with unsuccessful results. I believe that PestPatrol does not use a specific port for remote scanning. Can you help?
From what I understand, PestPatrol (at least the standalone edition) simply requires access to the drive(s) you want to scan. Try it without Windows Firewall enabled because if the NetBIOS ports (UDP 137/138 and TCP 139/445) are being blocked, that could cause this issue. Also check to ensure your file/share permissions are set so the PestPatrol service can read the data remotely.

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