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Remove a user or a group from the Everyone group

Is there any way to remove a user or a group from the Everyone group in Windows NT 4.0?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Everyone group is one of those "special" Windows NT 4.0 groups. Other special groups include: Creator Owner, System, Interactive and Network. Here are the details on each group:

Everyone - Anyone using the computer. This includes all local and remote users (that is, the Interactive and Network groups combined). In a domain, members of Everyone can by default access the network, connect to a server's shared network directories and print to a server's printers.

Creator Owner - The creator of the object such as a print job, file or folder

Interactive - Anyone using the computer locally.

Network - Anyone using the computer over a network

System - The operating system

These special groups are created by the system and memberships to these groups cannot be altered. You will also notice that these groups are not listed in the User Manager for Domains. They are visible when you are assigning permissions to directories, files, shared network directories or printers.

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