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Resources for blocking Web sites

I need to learn a way to block Web sites or whole domains from access on the Internet so I can filter porn and other sites. I read an article recently that discussed a free or shareware program that would do this, but I cannot find it. Any information about programs such as these would be much appreciated.
I don't know which program you are referring to, but a quick Internet search locates the following:

If you have specific sites or domains that you would like to block on a single PC, you might also consider adding its URL to the hosts file with a 127.somenumber.somenumber.somenumber address. is the computer's "localhost," so don't use that. The hosts file can be used to store human readable names like www.somesite.xxx and its IP address to help the computer route information to it. However, it can be used to enter false addresses and therefore mislead your computer. If, for example, you add the following address www.somepornsite.com to the file with a address, any request for the somepornsite URL will go nowhere since the address is not Internet routable. The hosts file is located on Windows computers in the Windowssystem32driversetc folder. Open the file in Notepad, add the offensive URLs prefaced by the IP address. Follow the format displayed in the file. When you save the file be sure that you don't inadvertently add an extension. The hosts file should not have an extension.

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