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Restricting access when adding computers to an existing Windows peer to peer network

Jonathan Hassell answers a user's question about restricting access when adding a computer to her existing peer to peer network.

I am a home user with a home based peer to peer network. I have several computers set up for different purposes and use file sharing to share stuff among them. My husband also has his own computer on our network. This setup was working fine for us until we added a teenage foster child. Now I need to setup her computer so she cannot access any folder we have shared on the network except for one that I want her to be able to access. How can I accomplish this?
You'll need to upgrade to Windows XP Professional to get the kind of granular permission control that you're seeking. If you're not willing to do that, then simply add a "$" after the share names of the file shares that you don't want your child to access. This will hide the shares from network view, and although your child could still access the files within that share by typing in the full name of the share including the $, chances are she won't.

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