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Restricting domain user account access from the network

I am trying to block a domain user account from browsing our network. We have a domain user who dials in remotely and manages one of our two member servers. Is there an easy way to make this user account accessible to only one of the machines? Basically, I just don't want this user to have the ability to browse the network; I want to be able to deny complete access to the other server. I am running a Windows 2003 Server network with XP and 2000 client machines.
The most straightforward way to do this is to issue a deny permission for all servers but the ones your user is supposed to manage. If you have inheritance turned on for the C: drive, just issue the Deny permissions from the root folders in the drives on the servers the user doesn't manage. This will effectively prevent this user from browsing the network, although he will still see the names of all of the machines on the network.

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