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Run a secure IE6 after downgrading from IE7

Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell explains the basics on running a secure Internet Explorer after downgrading from its most recent release.

I need to use a software that will only install under IE6. Unfortunately, I have updated to IE7 and because of the Windows hardening that has taken place I am in a sticky situation. What would you suggest to keep my IE secure after downgrading from IE7 to IE6?
Using IE 6 isn't necessarily a losing proposition. Here are some of the basics:
  • Install the latest IE patches—the recent update corrected a pretty big security hole
  • Make sure you have an antivirus solution installed
  • watch out for sites that can give you spyware (a popup blocker is necessary here to prevent some automated installs)
  • check your zone settings to make sure the Internet isn't a trusted place
  • consider disabling ActiveX controls
  • install Firefox and use it exclusively except with the application that requires IE 6

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