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Searching for an original security research topic

I need help coming up with an original research idea on a specific area topic of network security. I was wondering if blocking port 139 from hackers would be a good one. If not, do you know of how I can get some good original research ideas on network security?
Since you don't state who you need to do this research for, it's difficult to answer. I presume you have some guidelines that help you understand the level of the research that must be done. "Research" can be anything from a collection of facts to the development of a program to do something, to a new technique and many things in between. It does seem that there is a lot of information on blocking this specific port -- both why and how. When looking for an original research topic, it's wise to review the literature -- to understand what has already been done. Since that's a rather broad project in itself, you should just pick an area -- like blocking hacker attacks -- and then do some research on how it's being done today. Look for something that hasn't been widely covered, or pick another area, like who's actually using biometrics for identification? And how's it working? Can you discuss this topic with the organization that is requiring you to do the research? Usually that's a good place to start getting some ideas.

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