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Security configuration for Win2k workstations to reach C2 standard

We will soon be rolling out W2k to our workstations. Can you a recommend a book dealing with the security configuration of the workstation OS? We want to make it as close as possible to the C2 standard without making the OS too restrictive.

I don't think you will find a book that has exactly what you need. To explain a bit further, the C2 certification refers to classification outlined in the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) manual developed in the early 1980?s. It is also known as the "Orange Book." This manual defines a series of levels of secure systems, starting at level D and rising to Level A1. Windows NT was originally designed to meet the C2 level security. Additional information on this standard can be found at http://www.radium.ncsc.mil. I would point out however that the C2 certification is loosing its influence in the security community.

With respect to your needs, there are some places you can start. First, the SANS organization (Systems Administration and Network Security) has a guide called "Step-by-Step Windows NT Security" which outlines the steps and procedures you should take to better secure Windows NT. Much of what is in this document still applies to Windows 2000 (and they are working on a Windows 2000 version as well). You might also want to check some books by Roberta Bragg or Philip Cox. Another good book is by Eugene Schultz. His book addresses specifically the issue of security as you migrate to Windows 2000. You may also remember that the Windows 2000 Resource Kit has some handy tools that can help you with the security configuration.

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