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Security configurations preventing programs from running

My problem is that I have a few Windows 2000 Professional machines, with ALL Windows Updates done, which I can navigate well when I sign a log in of the group 'administrators.' However when it's a 'user,' many JavaScripts don't work, for example the search button on the Google homepage. I tried and searched the GPO, but I didn't find which one is responsible. Could you help me? Thanks in advance.
Unfortunately this is a common problem. Many programmers write their programs assuming that every bit of access is open and available to all users. When security is configured, ordinary users cannot run some of the scripts or programs. I suspect that the application of Internet Explorer improved security and the JavaScript writers are at fault here. The very technique that can prevent a malicious script from running can also prevent a harmless one. Try looking at the Internet Explorer setting Tools/Internet Options/Security area. Does adding the Google site to Trusted Sites for the user work?

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