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Set network user rights for Active Directory security

Learn how to improve Active Directory security and manage network user rights with this expert advice. Improve network security by controlling users' logon rights.

In an Active Directory environment, with Microsoft Windows XP Professional as the client, I need to control network user rights to prevent users from logging on to more than one machine at a time. Is there a Group Policy management option that controls how many active logons a user can have? Can I restrict this number to one and thus improve Windows network security?
You can manage network user rights only to restrict the workstations a user can log onto, not the number of workstations a user can be logged onto simultaneously. If your users don't move, you can restrict them to their own workstations and accomplish what you want, albeit indirectly. (Do this via the user's account tab within Active Directory Users and Computers; click the Log Onto button for more.) But if your users need to move around, I'm not aware of anything built into Windows that could restrict their number of simultaneous active logons.

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