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Setting up a firewall for an ADSL router

Roberta, I have set up a small wireless network and I'm now awaiting the delivery of ADSL services via my telecommunications service provider. I have a small network of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 98 workstations with a single Windows 2000 server. The routing is done via my ADSL router, which has a built-in firewall.

Could you please provide some information regarding the setup of the firewall for protecting my internal network? Web links pointing to this information would be more than suitable. Thank you.

You don't say which ADSL router you will be getting. It's imperative that at all times you use configuration instructions and advice that matches your specific router model. However, what's nice is that most router manufacturers include some instructions in the box, or as HTML files available to you online from the router itself. Meanwhile, while you await your delivery, you might check out the following links, which do seem to have some help on popular ADSL routers. Newsgroups are found here and at BroadbandReports.com. Netopia, a popular ADSL router, has some support articles you may be interested in reading.

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