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Sharing files and folders in Windows XP

Managing permissions in Windows XP is not always simple. Windows security expert Kevin Beaver explains how you can manage permissions in Windows XP and when you should install Windows Server 2003 and use Active Directory.

I have 70 Windows XP users on my network. We have folders that everyone can access via a shared drive and I need to know how to manage permissions on these folders. I have removed the delete permission from that folder and it works. The problem is that it's not allowing the users to rename the folders or files. Can users have renaming permissions without allowing the deletion?
I'm not real sure what you're referring to as the "delete" permission. A default Windows XP install has Full Control, Modify, Read and Execute, List, Read and Write. All of these depend on what you're trying to accomplish. Do you want the folder(s) to be accessible by everyone? You should be able to create the folder(s), share it (them) out and then assign specific rights based on user or group. If you're trying to run a network of your size using just Windows XP file sharing, you're going down a bad path. You should consider installing a Windows Server 2003 system and Active Directory. This will make everything much simpler -- especially long term.

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