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Should I deploy Windows 10 immediately or wait?

Old-school tech advice says to wait for the bugs to get worked out of a new OS before making the leap, but Windows 10 could turn that into an old wives' tale.

Whether to deploy a new OS right away or wait for it to prove stable is the age-old dilemma.

For as long as I have worked in IT there have been differing opinions on this matter. Many years ago I read a whitepaper that said it had become a widely accepted best practice to wait to update to a new OS until the first service pack is released. I have even heard unsubstantiated rumors that Microsoft has rushed the release of the first service pack for some of its past operating systems in an effort to convince customers that it is safe to upgrade to the new OS.

Personally, I think there was a time when it was probably prudent to wait for some of the bugs to be resolved prior to upgrading to a new OS, but I don't think that waiting is as important as it once was.

In the not-too-distant past it was surprisingly difficult to get your hands on a beta operating system from Microsoft. In the "old days" you had to know someone in Redmond, Wash., be a tech journalist or have an MSDN subscription. Today, Microsoft is much more open with its software releases. The Windows 10 preview was widely available for months before Windows 10 came out, and millions of people installed the preview. Consequently, Microsoft has had ample opportunity to discover and correct bugs.

I still expect to hear about a few surprise glitches after the Windows 10 release. Even so, I think that Microsoft will have addressed all the major issues long before the Windows 10 release date. My own experiences have been that the preview builds were reliable enough that I have no qualms about transitioning to Windows 10 right away.

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Will you deploy Windows 10 right away or wait for the kinks to be worked out?
Windows 10 wasn't ready for release, plain and simple. It's full of bugs, but MS released it anyway, and now they're rushing out patches very quickly. This doesn't mean it's anywhere near Enterprise ready though, and I'm not even going to mention the privacy/security concerns Let's see where it's at when TH2 is released, or more importantly, Redstone next year.
We’re never early adopters, either of a new version of Windows or windows updates. We prefer to let any issues be identified by others before we deploy them to our environments. Even then, we put them through a rigorous test cycle first.
Alas, we did. The experience was less than ideal. Somehow we seem to have forgotten the pain of "upgrading" to Win8 and most of its progenitors. Now we face endless patches. Maybe this is the right time to jump to Macs....
We definitely won't move to Windows 10. Not intentionally to let the kinks be worked out, but just because it takes my organization ages to make technology changes. For once, I'm glad we're so slow.
@ncberns -- I'd love to know what kinds of problems have you run into with your upgrade?
I decided to upgrade a laptop that is over 2 years old running on Win 7. I knew going in it was going to be buggy. I wanted to see the problems as a learning tool. If I only had one machine, no way, wait a while.
For testing purposes and to outfit certain machines, sure, it's OK. To move everyone over and call it our de-facto OS? Nope, not yet. Willing to wait and see what happens in a few months. Most of my engineering team, and myself, live on Macs, so it's not as critical a question as it might be for PC centric shops.
You can have my Windows 7 when you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Seriously, I'll update when I have to, but not before then. 
The truth is that Microsoft changed its business model with Windows 8. For the worse. It created spyware and tries to persuade us how it smells roses. I am using Windows 7 which I refuse to update any more for fear of installing Microsoft malware disguised as "improvement program" and "free upgrade". Beware of free upgrades!
Sorry but we dont consider WIN10 as an O/S to move to.

We will be staying with WIN7 PRO and if Micrsoft DONT fix the following we after 2020 will be moving to Linux MINT.