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Support for Wi-Fi protected access

You wrote that Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) with a Radius server wasn't available on Cisco Aironet 1200's without 3rd party software. Is this still the case? My boss wants to implement WPA for a city's town hall intranet access. He isn't crazy about PEAP or EAP-TLS because of the cert's. He thinks that if the cert. server goes down, then everyone will be stuck with the old cert's and we'll have a mess on our hands. His idea was then WPA, but I don't see how WPA is integrated with Radius. I still can't figure the login out. I'm supposed to start this implementation today. Ugh.
That is actually a typo in the book. Cisco does not support WPA with 802.1x/RADIUS on their Aironet 350 Wireless network cards. As a result, you either need to use another vendor for your wireless network card that does support that, or you need to use a 3rd party supplicant, of which I recommend the Funk Odyssey Client.

I upgraded to the latest driver and firmware from Cisco's Web site, and as of 12/10/04 it still doesn't work. I would recommend not using the Cisco Wireless NICs. The Aironet 1200's should work fine however.

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