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General Windows Security: Deadly Windows security mistakes
Network administrators often make mistakes that leave their systems open to hackers and malicious insiders. In this webcast, Kevin Beaver, a contributor to SearchWindowsSecurity.com and author of "Hacking for dummies," outlines various security omissions in Windows-based networks that can have a serious impact on organizations.

Network Security: When to use Remote Desktop over VPN
When providing remote users protected access on a server, determine if they need it for connectivity or management purposes -- then you will know when to use Remote Desktop or VPN. Brien Posey offers his expert advice in this tip.

Operating System Security: Learning Guide: Authentication
Without proper hardening defenses in place, Windows authentication quickly becomes a target for hackers and crackers. Learn about important Windows authentication credentials and protocols, and learn how to harden Windows desktop and server authentication for user logon and remote and wireless access.

Patch Management: Undo your Windows patching mistakes
If you've ever deployed a critical patch quickly to prevent an attack, you've most likely had to undo the damage to your business apps afterward. Get help rolling back patches in this tip by site contributor Tony Bradley.

Password Protection: 25 password hardening tips in 25 minutes
Need help implementing a solid password policy for your organization? Looking for examples of secure Windows passwords? Not sure how to store passwords or when to expire them? This compilation of 25 quick tips offers help with password policy considerations, password creation, and password authentication and protection.

Security Threats: Windows Security Clinic: You've been hacked! Now what?
If you think a workstation has been hacked, you must immediately identify the problem and prevent further damage. Three Windows security experts offer a four-part plan of action. Their responses may surprise you, so be sure to read their three distinct diagnoses and solutions.

Security Tools: Spy Fighters: Antispyware lessons learned by SearchWindowsSecurity.com readers
Ask a group of 50 people to compare antispyware products and chances are you will receive 50 different product reviews. A group of SearchWindowsSecurity.com readers share their nightmares, opinions and advice on beating spyware.

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