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Trojan virus causing system reboots

I am running Windows XP. In the middle of the night/morning (not sure when), my computer reboots itself. I know that it is rebooting because all my startup programs are open and running, when I have shut the programs down the night before. I ran a virus scan and found a Trojan virus. I used a Trojan cleaner. The Trojan is gone and it's still rebooting itself. Help me please!
Unfortunately you do not mention the name of the Trojan. There are many Trojans that do cause a system to reboot. Seems your virus scanner did find a Trojan and while the Trojan might have been removed, it could have modified other system files or perhaps modified the registry. Sometimes (and unfortunately) the best solution in most cases is to completely restore the operating system (this is what people had to do after Code Red).

Good luck.

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