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Tunneling through firewall to run Citrix connection

Hi, Roberta. I'm very new to MS/SBS system installed at our office. I'm trying to determine how to tunnel through the firewall to run a Citrix connection to a hosted application elsewhere. Also, we are having problems getting an INBOUND remote webcast to penetrate through the firewall so we can view it. Any suggestions on where I can learn what I need? Thanks for your help.
There is a very nice article on access to Citrix through ISA server and publishing a Citrix server through ISA that you can read here.

Note that this document gives a warning -- and you should heed it -- about making sure to use FR1/SP2 with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 -- and how using UPD port 1604 and opening up high ports on the server is a security risk. In general, the more ports you open through a firewall, the more potential that you open ports vulnerable to an attacker. This is why the TCP browsing mentioned in the article mentioned above is a better way to go.

Regarding the webcast, you're going to have to find out from the webcast host what ports need to be open and then determine if you want to do so.

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