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Use a GPO to defend against Trojan downloads

Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver explains how you can use software restrictions with Group Policy Objects to defend against Trojan downloads.

Due to unrestricted Internet access there is always a risk of Trojan download. Is there any measure available that will stop any program other than defined ones from execution? Please advise how to go about it step by step if possible.
I've had to deal with this problem in the past as well. You can do this with Group Policy Objects using software restrictions. Here's an introduction to software restriction policies. This may be a good way to go about it if you have a sizeable Active Directory domain. However, if you want to lock down a relatively smaller number of computers or stay away from GPOs, I've found the best solution is to use lockdown software such as Fortres 101 and Anti-Executable that allow for complete Windows system control.

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