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User's default printer changes on each logon

We are a Windows 2000 Terminal Server thin client shop. For each user, we've set a 'default printer' assignment when they log on. However, in a few instances, with specific users, even though they have the default printer set during the log on session, when they log off and back on again, the default printer has changed to another printer. My question is this: What is changing the default printer back to another printer after users log off and log back on? This is only happening with one individual on my network. She is working from a PC with defined locally attached printers. She can log onto the thin-client, set the default printer and is able to print. However, when she logs off and back on, the default printer changes to another setting.

Based on what you say here, my guess is that the wrong default printer is set in her profile and that she's using the same profile for her local use and terminal server sessions. Default printer settings are stored in the user profile, but the profile is a single file called NTUSER.DAT, not a granular connection of settings. Every time you log off and close your profile, the profile is written back to its storage place, overwriting any copies already present. If she's using the same profile for both local use and terminal sessions, then she's got two copies of the profile open, and the last copy saved will be the one open for local use, where she has not changed the printer. Try giving her a separate profile for terminal session use and see if that fixes the problem.

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