Virus causing sound and video problems?

Are your sound and video problems a result of a virus? Even though anything is possible with malicious code, says site expert Kevin Beaver, that might not be the problem you're experiencing.

Can a virus affect my sound and video?
Back in my college days, I learned how the Intel-based assembly language (a low-level language that some malware is written in) could be used to do anything from slamming the heads on a hard drive to their breaking point -- all the way to burning out the old-style CGA, EGA and VGA video screens. So, yes, anything is technically possible with malicious code. However, that might not be the problem you're experiencing. If you're having sound and video problems, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers or trying different ones altogether. If that doesn't help, it may be worth a call to your computer's tech support line or even having an experienced PC expert take a look at the problem.

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