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Virus causing your computer to reboot?

If your computer continuously reboots, the cause could be a number of things including a virus, spyware, bad memory, a poorly-seated PCI card, etc. Site expert Kevin Beaver suggests some steps you can take to discover and resolve this issue.

I have some virus. When I turn on my computer it goes okay, but then it just resets itself with no warning. I have no time to do anything -- it just goes straight to my main screen, looks like it's coming on, and then resets after about 5 seconds. Any ideas?
You need to try booting into Safe mode ( here's a good reference) and then running your virus/spyware testing tools. Some antivirus programs come with a bootable CD you can run as well. If these don't turn up anything, you should have your hardware looked at. It could be bad memory, a poorly-seated PCI card, etc., causing the reboots.

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