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What are some common Office 2013 problems?

Office 2013 problems can stem from an incomplete install, or your particular version or settings. Luckily, there are simple fixes for most issues.

Office 2013 problems can pop up for a number or reasons. The source could be Group Policy settings,your specific edition or an incomplete installation of Click-to-Run Office 2013.

If AutoArchive is not working correctly, you should start troubleshooting by making sure there aren't any registry keys or Group Policy settings preventing AutoArchive from being used. Outlook-specific preferences are stored within the registry at HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\office\15.0\outlook\preferences.

Some users report that Office 2013 sometimes ignores Group Policy settings and registry keys, or behaves unexpectedly. According to Microsoft, you can only use Group Policy to manage Office 2013 in certain editions: Office 365 ProPlus, volume-licensed Office 2013, and individual applications obtained through retail stores or volume licensing. As such, Group Policy settings may not act the way you'd expect in some versions of Microsoft Office.

Office 2013 problems can also arise with the Click-To-Run version if the installation is incomplete, outdated or corrupt. To ensure that an Office application is fully up to date, open the app, click the File tab, and then click Help and Apply Updates.

If updating Office doesn’t help, you may need to repair it. The exact method for doing so varies depending on which version you’re running. Generally speaking, you open the Control Panel, select Programs, and click on Programs and Features. Windows will display a complete list of installed applications. Now select Microsoft Office and then click Change, followed by Repair. Windows will give you a choice to either perform a quick repair or an online repair. The online repair option typically yields the best results, but it requires an Internet connection and takes some time to complete.

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What types of problems have you experienced with AutoArchive on Click-to-Run Office 2013?
License Renewal does not always go according to plan and does not carry down to the local machines that is installed on. Mine got canceled even though it been renewed in advance and showed that in my account. It wanted me to redownload the entire program and reinstall it.