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What are the advantages and disadvantages to having users logon to the domain vs. the local machine?

I have a question regarding configuring a Windows 2000 workstation for a Windows domain. First, you must add the computer to the domain. After that, do you recommend that users logon to the DOMAIN or the LOCAL MACHINE? I would think DOMAIN - what are the advantages and disadvantages to both?
The answer to your question depends on how the workstation will be used. For instance, when you log on to the domain, you will be able to get access to domain profiles. From a security point of view, one thing to consider is the resource access restriction based on your user account. An account on the domain will be different than an account on the local computer. If the system administrator has set up access controls on domain resources using your domain account, you will most likely not be able to access them using your workstation account.

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